No podcasts for 2017. Please see the “Past Cafes” page to view recorded videos of our past cafe events.


January 20th: Origins of the Universe, with Dr. Loris Magnani:

February 10th: Georgia Science Standards, with Zoe Evans and Jeremy Peacock:

March 2nd: Sex in Advertising, with Dr. Tom Reichert:


January 28th: Everyday Fermentation, with Hugh Acheson

February 19th: I Naturally Select You: The Origin of Humanity, with Dr. Mark Farmer

March 19th: Oceans of Waste: Life in Plastic, not Fantastic, with Dr. Jenna Jambeck

April 20th: Zombies, Sports and Cola: Communicating Weather and Climate, with Dr. Marshall Shepherd


Mar 18th: The 4-1-1 on GMOs, with Dr. Wayne Parrott

April 23rd: The Winds of Change, with Dr. John Knox

May 21st: Taproom Science, with Terrapin Brewery

July 10th: Dog Days of Summer, with Dr. Kate Creevy and Dr. Kelly Dyer


September 16th: Immunize This! with Dr. Glen Nowak


October 22nd: Food for Thought, with Dr. Caree Cotwright


November 13th: NASA’s View of the Future, with Col. Roger Hunter