Past Athens Science Café events and speakers:


Backyard Chickens & Health, Dr. Lydia Anderson, UGA

Resources from Dr. Anderson’s Cafe:

USDA veterinary service free hotline: 1-866-536-7593
Additional resources: 2017-08-18 10-24
 Forest Health and Diagnostics, David Coyle, UGA

Modes of Thinking, Dr. Juan Gutierrez, UGA

The Key to Tomorrow’s Sustainable Agriculture, Dr. Erico Mattos, Phytosynthetix


Science of American Dialects, Dr. Bill Kretzschmar, UGA


Science of Narcissism, Dr. Keith Campbell, UGA


Science of Anthropology, Dr. Suzie Birch, UGA


Self Driving Cars, Brad Bazemore, UGA

Zombieism and Viral Infection, Dr. Bill Switzer, CDC

Environmental Impact of the BP Oil Spill, Dr. Samantha (Mandy) Joye, UGA

Galaxies in Motion, Dr. Robin Shelton, UGA

Community Gardens, Dr. David Burle, UGA

Trials by Science (in collaboration with Rabbit Box)

Marketing Science behind Sex in Advertising, Dr. Tom Riechert, UGA

GA Science Standards, Zoe Evans & Jeremy Peacock, GA Science Teachers Association

Origins of the Universe, Dr. Loris Magnani, UGA


Fracking, Dr. Paul Schroeder, UGA

Science of Internet Mythology, Dr. Shira Chess, UGA

Entomophagy, Dr. Marianne Shockley, UGA

Wildlife Urbanization, Dr. Sonia Hernandez, UGA

Science of Ice Cream, Dr. Bill Kerr, UGA

Climate Change, Dr. Marshall Shepherd, UGA

Plastics in the Ocean, Dr. Jenna Jambeck, UGA

Human Evolution, Dr. Mark Farmer, UGA

Fermentation, Hugh Acheson, Chef


Space Exploration, Roger Hunter, NASA

School Nutrition, Dr. Caree Cotwright, UGA

Vaccine Communication, Dr. Glen Nowak, UGA

Dog Domestication, Dr. Kate Creevy & Dr. Kelly Dyer, UGA

Science of Beer Brewing, Brian “Spike” Buckowski,  Terrapin Brewing Company

Winds of Change, Dr. John Knox, UGA

Science of GMOs, Dr. Wayne Parrott, UGA

Science of Love, Dr. Keith Campbell, UGA