Past Athens Science Café events and speakers:


“Braiding, Weaving, Two-Eyed Seeing – Does it Matter how we Describe Bringing Knowledge Systems and Worldviews Together?” – Dr. Jennifer Grenz, University of British Columbia

“Antarctic Flow – Using Robots to Understand Ocean Currents” – Frank McQuarrie, UGA

“The Trouble with Poop” – Dr. Andrew Huang, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“Photo Documentation of Federal Lands in Georgia” – Will Rogers, The State Botanical Gardens of Georgia


“How Maps Lie – And What to Do About It” – Dr. Jerry Shannon, UGA

“Brewing Science with Creature Comfort’s Director of Quality” – Dr. Daniel LePage, Creature Comforts

“Hercules with a Tail – Bearded Capuchin Monkeys in the Brazilian Cerrado” – Dr. Dorothy Fragaszy, UGA

“Collective Intelligence in Pigeons and Ants” – Dr. Takao Sasaki, UGA


“More than the Pill: A Movement Towards Equality in Contraception” – Dr. Christina Wang, UCLA

“The Science of the Paranormal: The Inside Scoop from a Georgian Paranormal Investigator” – Heather Dobson, Georgia Paranormal Investigations


“Development Engineering: Empowering the Poor through Technology-based Solutions” – Dr. William Kisaalita, UGA

“What Do You Watch On TV? Representation in the Media” – Dr. Haille Rae, UGA

“Land of Fire and Ice: Geology of Iceland” – Dr. Tamie Jovanelly, Berry College

“From Bench to Bedside: Stem Cell Therapy for Male Infertility” – Dr. Chas Easley, UGA

“Not Composted Yet” – Kristen Baskin, Let Us Compost


“Malaria: From Miasma to Elimination” – Dr. David Peterson, UGA

“Using a Worm to Understand Brain Regeneration” – Dr. Rachel Roberts-Galbraith, UGA

“Fruits of Their Labor: How do Plants Grow Fruit?” – Dr. Anisha Malladi, UGA

“Big Science, Small Satellites: The Story of UGA Students Bringing CubeStates to Athens” – Caleb Adams and Hollis Neel, UGA

“A Vinyl Vendetta: The Science of Sound and the Record Renaissance” – Cash Carter, Ryan Lewis, Dan Geller, Kindercore Vinyl

“What’s Love Got to Do With It? The Psychology of Relationships” – Dr. Donna Ashcraft, Clarion University

“Physical Therapy for My WHAT?? A Discussion of Pelvic Floor Health” – Dr. Teresa Morneault and Dr. Nidhi Patel, UGA Health Center


“Undergraduate Research at Scale: What is the Treatment and C.U.R.E.?” – Dr. Erin Dolan, UGA

“The Rise and Fall of the Immune System: From Embryos to Aging and Rejuvenation” – Dr. Nancy Manley, UGA

“CSI Athens: Crime Scene Science” – William Edison & Aja Cannell, Georgia Bureau of Investigation

“Smart(y) Pants: Putting the Tech in Textiles” – Dr. Apurba Banerjee, brrr°

“The Power of Pollinators: What’s the Buzz in Your Garden?” – Megan Buland, Athens Science Observer

“An Iced Cafe Mocha: Beans for a Global Market” – 1000 Faces Coffee

“Last Call at the Oasis: A Look at Water and Agriculture” – Dr. Rishi Masalia, UGA

“A Day at the Museum: An Opportunity to Learn and Explore the Treasures of the Georgia Natural History Museum” – Georgia Natural History Museum

“Brewing Science” – Dr. Daniel LePage & Blake Tyers, Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

“Does Money Buy Happiness: The Science of Spending?” – Dr. Matt J. Goren & Michael G. Thomas, UGA

“Gravitational Waves: The Ebb and Flow to a Nobel Prize” – Dr. Chad Davies & Vedant Mehta, Gordon State College & GA Tech

“Origins of Life: A Chemical Perspective” – Christopher Parsons, GA Tech


“Are Diamonds Really Forever?” – Danielle Haskett, UGA

“NASA & Small Spacecraft: Big Things do Come in Small Packages” – Roger Hunter, NASA

“Discussing Concussing: Is it Time to Getcha’ Head Outta the Game?” – Dr. Julianne Schmidt, UGA

“Backyard Birds and Their Turds” – Dr. Lydia Anderson, UGA

“Bugs, Fire, and Climate: Diagnosing Forest Health” – David Coyle, UGA

“True, Right, Correct, or Proven? A Guide to Modes of Thinking” – Dr. Juan Gutierrez, UGA

“Conversations with Plants: The Key to Tomorrow’s Sustainable Agriculture” – Dr. Erico Mattos, PhytoSynthetix

“A Nation of Many Voices: The Science of American English Dialects” – Dr. Bill Kretzschmar, UGA

“Me, Myself, and I: The Science of Narcissism” – Dr. Keith Campbell, UGA

“Decoding Bones: How Archaeology Unearths Ancient Civilizations” – Dr. Suzie Birch, UGA


“Please Wait…Your Car is Updating: The AI of Self-Driving Cars” – Brad Bazemore, UGA

“The Real Walking Dead: The Science of Zombies” – Dr. Bill Switzer, CDC

“Oil in Deep Water: The Gulf’s Response to the BP Oil Spill” – Dr. Samantha (Mandy) Joye, UGA

“The Cosmic Symphony: Galaxies in Motion” – Dr. Robin Shelton, UGA

“Dig In: The Scoop on Organic Gardens” – Dr. David Burle, UGA

“Trials by Science: Dead Ends & Discoveries” – Rabbit Box Storytelling

“Sex in Advertising: Everything You Wanted to Know but were Too Afraid to Ask” – Dr. Tom Reichert, UGA

“Measure Up with GA Science Standards” – Zoe Evans & Jeremy Peacock, GA Science Teachers Association

“Origin of the Universe” – Dr. Loris Magnani, UGA


“What the Frack: Hydraulic Fracturing and the Thirst for Energy” – Dr. Paul Schroeder, UGA

“Who’s Afraid of a Slender Man? Terror, Love, and Meme Culture” – Dr. Shira Chess, UGA

“The Great American Bug Banquet” – Dr. Marianne Shockley, UGA

“Wild Cities: Taking Care of People and Creatures” – Dr. Sonia Hernandez, UGA

“Science of Ice Cream” – Dr. Bill Kerr, UGA

“Zombies, Sports, & Cola: What Does it Mean for Communicating Weather and Climate?” – Dr. Marshall Shepherd, UGA

“Oceans of Waste: Life in Plastic, Not Fantastic” – Dr. Jenna Jambeck, UGA

“I Naturally Select You: The Origin of Humanity” – Dr. Mark Farmer, UGA

“Everyday Fermentation” – Hugh Acheson, Chef & Author


“NASA’s View of the Future: Space Exploration and Planet Earth” – Roger Hunter, NASA

“Food for Thought: Nutrition and Childhood Obesity” – Dr. Caree Cotwright, UGA

“Immunize This! The Challenges of Vaccine Communication” – Dr. Glen Nowak, UGA

“The Dog Days of Summer: Genetics and Origins of Man’s Best Friend” – Dr. Kate Creevy & Dr. Kelly Dyer, UGA

“Taproom Science: Beer Brewing and Culture” – Brian ‘Spike’ Buckowski, Terrapin Brewing Company

“Winds of Change: Using Social Media to Study the Weather” – Dr. John Knox, UGA

“Science of GMOs” – Dr. Wayne Parrott, UGA

“Science of Love” – Dr. Keith Campbell, UGA